Friday, 9 April 2010

The pressure is off a bit now

Well after our Lich King kill the other week I got chatting to our raid leader about various stuff and mentioned that I felt a bit more chilled out about raiding going forward.

For me the Lich King was the big target to complete the lore the and finish the long trek I started when I first ran into the Scourge waaaay back in Vanilla. So now I feel I can settle back a bit and enjoy trying the hard modes in ICC and we can finish off some stuff we missed back in Naxx as well. The pressure just is not there that there was for that Lich King kill and I figure we probably have several months to work on our drakes from Glory of the Icecrown Raider.
It is a nice position to be in as since we formed Kindom of Rust we have been essentially playing catchup on things like Ulduar and TOC due to us really starting to focus raid so late in the game. Now we have a bit of luxury to take our time on Hard Mode ICC and also pick off those niggling achievements we missed.

On that topic I finally got my Undying title on Monday. After all the heartbreaking almost successes back when Ulduar was new we had really given up on this as other things took over raid time. But finally after 9 manning most of the instance we stood over the corpse of KT without anyone having died.
This despite our favourite Warlock nearly killing us on Four Horsemen when his Imp decided to take a shot at one of them while we were moving into position. I think our raid leader would have actually boarded a plane and flown to his house to kill him if we had screwed undying up again!

I wonder if any other guilds are in this position now with regards to end game? Have you finished ICC 10 or 25 and are regarding hard modes as something "nice to do" but not with the same drive you had for killing the Lich King?
Maybe you have the objective to get one of your guildies Shadowmourne or finish off No Lights in the Darkness while you can still get Mimerons head?
I know for me finishing ICC on normal is a real milestone in the game and sort of sets me up to look onwards to the challenges in Cataclysm I am now starting to think what career my druid will head into in Cataclysm will he stay healer or go tank maybe even try DPS as a full time main spec. Where as before I was all fired up to finish all the raid content and didn't really want to think about Cataclysm now I find myself really looking forward to it with anticipation.


P.S Deathbringer on heroic is a real git and totally kicked our asses so a lot of work to do there before we down him!

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