Wednesday, 28 October 2009

SATNAV a blessing and a curse

I have worked at the same place roughly for the past 19 years (sad isn’t it) doing different jobs but the same location. Due to this I know every way to and from work from my house including all the little byroads you can use to avoid traffic build up/ jams.
Now recently they have begun construction on a new link road right past our site that when finished will be a dream as it will mean we get relegated to one of those little backwaters and getting into and out of work will be a joy. But while the building is going on as you can imagine the main route I used to use to get i to work has become a nightmare so I used my knowledge and plotted an alternative using all the little cut through routes I know about to avoid this on my commute.
However due to that wonderful invention of SATNAV (yes I have one too and its damn useful when you do a lot of customer visits so I wont knock them too much. Going round London with a map on your knee it not recommended for a long life!) every other bugger can now find all this little routes only know previously to us “in the know”.

While stuck behind a line of traffic on a route that was previously only taken up by the odd horse I got to thinking had wow to an extent been polluted by the SATNAV culture?
I use and I think so do a majority of people add-ons such as quest helper or similar to make dailies easier and locate the optimum point to get 10 of X to drop. But has this killed off those top secret little farming/ questing spots known only to a dedicated few and has WOW lost a bit of its mystery because of it. Like my commute home local knowledge or in WOWs case game knowledge doesn’t quite have the same impact as it once had because a lot of people have a little arrow on their screen and a calm female voice telling them “turn left here and continue for 200 yards”


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Moving on

So yesterday was one of the toughest days I had since I started playing WOW after our GM and raid leader left I had some long chats with a few people I have played with in the guild and decided to pack up my druids bag (or should that be food and water bowl) and leave my home of the past two years with my raid toon to join my old raid leaders small focused 10 man raid team.

It has almost been like leaving a long standing job I tend to be a joiner of stuff for long periods. This is reflected in my work as I have work for the same company for nearly 20 years (a miracle in this day and age) though in different roles I still travel the same route to work every day.Fortunately the parting of ways was handled without a great deal of drama in the guild and despite a bit of shock and surprise we are all still on good terms with me leaving a couple of alts in the guild to chat with friends and keep in touch with people.

I think I had decided either way I was out of raiding in AT even if it was a case of joining another guild to raid who wasn't run by one of the people I knew out of AT. I couldn't raid lead anymore and I did not think it was fair to stay in AT as a raider and I would I think inevitably be drawn back into raid leading again as it has happened before.
I wasn't happy any more raiding in AT and as this takes up a lot of my allotted play time I really needed to make a change to the part of the game I liked doing the most.

Its been a wrench as I have been involved in raiding with AT ever since Kara all through building a 25 man team to do TK/SSC and into the WOTLK. But the new team is almost home from home as there are a fair few others from AT who have taken the plunge with me.
But my days as an officer and a raid leader are over for now and I am back to Pvt grunt tree raider /salute!