Thursday, 22 October 2009

So its all hit the skids a bit this week.

After a god awful 25 man raid on Monday where we tried out TOC 25 and got comprehensively owned by the Northrend beasts we ended up killing Flame Leviathan with 2 towers up woohoo! (sarcasm btw there).
This catalysed a couple of things in the guild. We lost our guild master who has basically burned out and one of our raid leaders quit for pastures new.

This has been a major blow for me as both people were there when I started in the guild and I know then both in real life, we have hoisted beers together several times and I really like raiding and playing with these guys. We blew through Kara together when I was but a pally noob tanking and healing. On top of this they are both solid raiders who have consistently stepped up to the plate all the way through BC and Northrend.

So I am left with a quandary now, due to a large amount of people joining the guild with the aim of expanding to 2x10 man raid teams (we have always struggled generally having 15-18 people). We really to get everyone involved should go for 25 mans which means Ulduar but do I really want to through Ulduar again on 25 mans?. Especially when the final fight with Arathas is coming in the next patch and there are still a lot of hard modes to do both in TOC and Ulduar.
Or do I stop raiding with my guild and start raiding with people I know at a pace I want pushing the hard modes in 10 man and making progress but leaving my guild high and dry having lost two raid leaders.

I thought 10 man raiding would make things easier after the Burning Crusade but instead you have people wanting to do 25 mans for the Lootz! People wanting to do 10 man for the progression which is less hassle with tighter teams and people like me caught in the middle trying to keep everyone happy.

Maybe I am just a burned out raid leader as the top man Angy Raid leader put in his final post Stop being a whiney bitch Zetter and see how lucky you are. It just doesnt feel like it at the moment.