Thursday, 1 July 2010

Fun with the ICC buff (or how my raid leader is a bad bad man)

So as I described before we are a bit hit and miss on raiding at the moment due to summer and being a 10 man small guild we cant really drop back to anything lower in terms of numbers as we are sort of heroiced to death.
Monday was a bit of a classic example really. I was hopeing we could have a crack at Heroic Professor but numbers were against us so we chatted up an old guildy and did some of the early ICC 10 heroics. This required us to 2 heal most of it but the new buff made this a bit less stress than it used to be (well except on Lord Marrow who throws out damage like confetti) but overall we were doing well and the lower spire went down quite quickly.

Then disaster! Boom our Boomkin vanished in a puff of electrons and didn't reappear. I though hmm well early night tonight lad but then our raid leader chips in with "lets see how we go 9 manning it". I was thinking this wasn't the best place to try it as we were now on Plague wing/ Blood Queen Halls with all the merry damage involved in it and two healing it wouldn't be offset by the bonus of stuff dieing faster as we had lost one of our heavy dps.

But you know what we managed to do Festergut, Rotface and Blood Queen on heroic while 9 manning it AND we didn't even have heroism. I healed my damn ass off keeping everyone alive especially during Blood Queen which we usually 3 heal due to the raid damage. I really had a blast and was pushed very hard to perform and keep the raid/ tanks alive on some of these bosses. I am surprised by how much of a difference the extra 5% made on the run as I don't think we could have 9 manned what we did without it.
I hope if we can get a solid group together next week we can finally finish our last two major kills needed and get our drakes which would put a nice cherry on the Wrath experience.