Saturday, 20 March 2010

Friends Through WOW

I read Larisa's post a few days ago with interest on loneliness on her blog Yep I know it was a few days ago but my blogging at work has been seriously curtailed with ongoing issues involving budgeting errors and fantasies about assassinating one of our development managers who is the bane of my life at the moment. Although I think currently blowing him up could be a bad move in career progression.

This struck quite a chord with me as I don't make friends easily and tend to have a circle of a few close friends who I have known for quite a while. I am quite shy by nature and would be one of those people who at parties would end up parked next to the potted plant if I didn't know anyone there particularly well.
This should have made life in WOW a bit difficult for me as when I started I knew one person who I had actually met in real life in the whole game. If you believe a lot of the posts about WOW you would think I wouldn't have stood a chance as the whole community should be populated by elitist assholes or <16 year olds with delusion that they actually behave in a mature and adult manner. Yes I have run into some of these people but from guilds I have been in to blogs I have read the overall experiences I have had have been positive and the people friendly and helpful.

I started off knowing one person I have actually met in real life. After playing WOW I have now met at least 10 of the people I have played with having been out for drinks with then and visiting Sweden for a get together a couple of years ago. People have chipped in to keep others playing or allow them to do server transfers, others have sent computer bits to people they know in the guild to help them out. So for those who think WOW and by its extension the Internet can be an uncaring and hostile place there is another side to it where real friendships can be forged over the ether.
So thanks to all of the people from AT and KOR who have made this a fun experience for me despite some ups and downs it has been a really positive experience.