Friday, 2 April 2010


Well we finally did it the Lich King is down on 10 man normal. I am immensely satisfied with this on a personal level as this is the first time in WOW I have downed all raid content (yep I know I still have to do 25 mans but its the same fight in essence as ICC 10 man hard modes are the same with a bit of a twist).
I was born to borrow a phrase from the Causal Raid Leader Blog a BC Babe having started WOW approx 3 months before BC hit. So I didn't really get chance to do much end game stuff in Vanilla.
During BC I got to Mount Hyjal but never far into it and never saw black temple which I always regretted a bit (I was stopped mainly by burnout while raid leading 25 mans).
But now except hard mode ICC I have done it all and what a great story arc it has been by Blizzard.
First we crushed Naxx while taking a side trip to throw a spanner in the works of Malygos. After this an old god needed putting down and a Titan himself needed showing that Azeroth wasn't to be reformatted. we made a quick trip for some reason to pump up our skills in front of the various leaders in a Coliseum. Then it was onto the main event to take down the man who caused so much damage to Azeroth.
The final fight was great and to the person who invented the defile spell a big congratulations for providing the ultimate fire/ void zone no excuses for standing in this one as you don't just kill yourself it wipes the raid. I wont say anymore about the fight for those who want to see it fresh but it did test my small group hard.
I have always liked the scourge angle of WOW it was a very powerful piece of lore and probably my favourite of all the lore in WOW a part of me feels a bit sorry Arthas is dead as he was great protagonist who could not only kill people but raise them to fight against their own friends.
Roll on Cataclysm Blizzard I am looking forward to taking a gnome lock through your new starting areas!


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Nightmare said...

Go us!

Amazing fight, requires everyone to be on top form, being prepared for bad things to happen at worse times, and the ultimate voidzone! (I wish they added that to Sarth yesterday as a April Fools ;)). Not grinned like I did downing him, since ol' Raggy!

Now then, if only there was a way to get a Frostwyrm via PvE..