Friday, 15 January 2010

Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation

So I have been cracking my way through ICC 10 with the guild and we have really everything up to Rotface on farm with him still to be downed.

During the runs through I have been playing with the Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation. Now for those unfamiliar with this Glyph basically its makes your Rejuvenation spell tick faster with the tick speed increasing dependant on the druids haste rating. So basically it heals for the same but over a shorter time.
So far I am really torn on this Glyph and have been swapping it in and out a lot depending on the fights.
The bonus of it is that it can really make Rejuvenation work well where there is a lot of heavy raid damage as it will tick fast and top everyone up where previously people could die before they got the benefit of the spell due to the time between healing ticks. Also when tank healing it means you can dump a hell of a lot of healing onto a tank (not to pally standard obviously) and in a 10 man as a healer you tend to be a jack of all trades so Tank healing does come into the equation quite a bit.

On the down side though it can burn through mana fast as if you want to blanket the raid in preparation for some incoming AOE its wears off fast so needs to be refreshed quite a lot. With my haste running at about 750 at the moment I find the duration of it is about the same of a 3 lifebloom stack so if I have lifebloom 3 stack and this up while tank healing it leave precious little time to cast a lot else. As when you start to hammer Nourish you fine everything expiring at the same time and needing to be refreshed.

I think this is going to be one of those Glyphs that will get swapped in and out on a regular basis depending on the boss fight we are in. But from all the glyph choices I have made this one is causing me a real headache.


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Down to Earth with a bang!

So after riding high in Ulduar for our drake mounts and making some inroads into TOGC 10 man ( I still hate the friggin faction champs even more so now) we were kicking ass and taking name even stopping off on Sunday to do Sarth +3D with the non zerg method.

And then came the plagueworks………

We started off well doing a one shot on Festergut (the only people left standing was one tank and our Disco priest as he hit the enrage just as he died) then we went on to Rotface.
Well it was getting late and we had cleared a lot that evening so we had a few shots and time ran out with out best effort at about 55% as people got used to the slimes and kiting etc. So I thought on the next raid which was Monday we would kick his ass and move on to the good professor.


On 10 man Rotface is a nightmare at the moment as his slime spawn timer appears to be the set the same as 25 man the slime output towards the end of the fight was mental. We tried a lot of tactics 2 healers, 3 healers heroism at the start…. And at the end of it the best effort was about 25%.
I think we can get it but we really have to be on our toes with slime control towards the end and no one can die under any circumstances.

Still it’s nice to have a challenge on a boss we haven’t really had one since fire fighter / Yogg +1 damn though the repair bill was high for the evening!