Monday, 1 March 2010

Will there be a reckoning in Cataclysm?

I had the day off today (well sort of damn Backberry was still going) so I decided to do the daily heroic does on my druid and pally to get the free frost badges.

As I was wandering through Nexus on my druid basically keeping the raid up with the odd rejuve and not concentrating at all the thought struck me what if blizz decide to ramp up heroics in Cataclysm a bit to make them more well heroic. Will the playing community have got into really bad habits with all this easy heroic running so new heroics in Cataclysm like a .308 round to the head?

I ran a lot of heroics back in BC and there were still some that worried me even in guild groups when I was in t5 gear. Places like Shadow Labs, Arcatraz and Shattered Halls could still mince groups as well as any raid if people screwed up CC or mispulled. I don't think I ever really overgeared any BC heroic as much as I overgear WOTLK heroics.
Will Blizz reset the balance a bit and not make them facerollingly easy? If they do this will a lot of people be shocked after the ease of runs we have had during WOTLK are we getting more and more unprepared by being spoonfed easy gear from heroics that are easier than old BC normal instances?
Are we prepared!