Friday, 28 May 2010

The ups and downs of summer (or how I fail as a fighter pilot)

So as is probably happening in other guilds people are taking advantage of the good weather and playing football, going fishing or having nights out. Hence our raiding being a small guild is taking a bit of a hit.
We have been lucky with some in game friends of some of our members pitching in and helping us out. But this has resulted in some reassigning of roles on certain fights.

One of these is heroic dreamwalker or "the healer" fight. Now during this with our normal group makeup as the raid healing specialist I am left outside to keep everyone up while our pally tank (masquerading as a healer for this one) and shammy healer do the bomb healing of dreamwalker. This suits me down to the ground as I am used to healing loads of raid damage and keeping an eye on loads of people at once.

But as our Shammy was off for a couple of raids I got volunteered to go into the dream portals with our pally. I rapidly learned that A) The perspective on the cloud thing's is all off and B) It confirms why I suck at Malygos 3rd phase C) God knows how I did so well at all those flight simulators when I was younger as I appear to have no spacial awareness.
I didn't gain stacks at a decent rate, I lost stacks at bad moments, we wiped at 95% healed (best try of 5) and as it was getting late called it there for the night.

Thank the lord our Shammy is back on Monday and I can do back to keeping the raid outside alive. I am a bit hacked of at myself for being so crap but hey at least we killed blood princes on heroic with a one shot thanks to the 20% buff rather than going through our usual 5 or so wipes due to orbs, pulling adds from upstairs ect.