Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Pre order is in!!

So as promised in my last post when it comes out I am likely to be quitting WOW for The Old Republic.
I opted for the middle ground on pre order by going for the digital deluxe edition. I couldn't really justify splashing out £150 for the collectors edition though I know a few people who have (well more to the point I think the Mrs would have killed me :)). I only hope BT get their finger out and get high speed broadband rolled out soon so I can get it downloaded in less than three days.

So far my plan is to roll a trooper though specialisation I have yet to decide Commando is appealing with its big guns but I must admit I don't want to get tied to healing this game so I may give vanguard a spin.

Lets hope a 2011 release date is still on target.