Saturday, 30 January 2010

How far do you go to get your weekly fix of Raiding

My Guild Kingdom of Rust is a fairly focused by casual 10 man raid guild. We try hard during raid times but due to us all having various commitments we raid two nights a week and then maybe on occasions do small raids on the weekend but these are usually a quick hour to clear old content. We have had real success as I have reported over the past month but with two nights we really have to go for it to keep progressing.
Now we do well in the limited time available but if you miss a raid that's half the weeks raiding gone so I try and make it if I am in for every raid. This though has lead me to exaggerate a bit at work sometimes to get back in time for a raid.

For example a few months back we had a meeting for training on a new system that is going to be put in. this was on a Wednesday up north and to be honest I really didn't want to go in the first place as I had a load of other stuff to do but there was no getting out of it. Also this fell on a raid night and I was damned if it was going to screw that up as well. So immediately when it was booked I said I had to get back home on time as I had something on that evening so couldn't be late. I didn't tell them what it was just that it was something I had on that evening.
I have also started on some jobs at daft o clock in the morning like 4 am to get a job kicked out and finished so I can get back in time for the raid.
Of course when you have to be away and miss stuff for work you have to do it this generally goes for everything from birthdays to visits to friends but where it is possible to influence my finish time to make raids I will do.

Now I often wonder is this a bit odd or is it any different from people wanting to get back for a football match they have that evening or going down the pub with their mates? Would I feel less secretive about it when telling people why I want to get back home on time if it was one of these things rather than a computer game?
For me it is the same as all the people I raid with I have know for several years and know quite a few of them in real life so it is like a night down the pub or a visit to a friends house for the evening. But I don't think it is viewed that way yet by a lot of people and I think being honest would get at best some perplexed looks or a worse some serious piss taking/ harsh comments.

So what are your experiences? Are you one of those people who are thinking at this point "seriously Zetter that is slightly weird its only a game". Or have you done the same thing in WOW as I have to get to a raid/ even in Azeroth on time?