Saturday, 12 February 2011

Wipes, Wipes and more Wipes

Well all this week the Kindom of Rust have basically had the crap kicked out of them by The Ascendant Council.
What has made it doubly frustrating is we have had about 10 <4% wipes with the damage from the end burn phase killing us before we manage to finish of the Elemental Monstrosity.

The first night was quite enjoyable as we really made progress people learned the fight and got their moves down. So having to call it at the end without a kill had the refreshing smell of raiding back in BC when we hit the wall for a couple of nights on Curator in Karazan. However the second night did involve me swearing profusely at the PC due to the number of near misses on a kill.
I think we will get them on Monday as all the raiders have now had a good bash at it and when it happens it will be very very satisfying I can tell you.