Thursday, 13 May 2010

Flasks Check! Reagents Check! Fully Repaired Check! Shammy in the raid?

So after Monday where we got some of the people their Lich King kill who missed the first one it was back to hard modes in ICC to get set for an all out out assault on the good Professor in heroic mode.
However both our resident Shaman couldn't make the raid so we put together a group with our boomkin covering healing duties and set about the hard modes. It went quite well with an offspec healer we got 3 out of the lower spire down and did Rotface/ Festergut.
But the lack of heroism in the raid really showed. We couldn't quite get over the hump that was Sarfang falling short by a few % and also bloody queens enrage proved a bit too tight without it as well.
I am looking forward to mages getting timewarp in Cataclysm as at the moment for a strict 10 man guild Herosim/ Bloodlust is something that seems really difficult to live without. It really gives you that extra edge on tight fights like Blood Queen and Sarfang and being without kind of hobbles the raid.

I don't know if any other strict 10 man types run without a shammy on heroics but I would be interested to hear how you view their necessity/ lack of to really pushing into hard modes in ICC 10. For us they have been the extra oomph that has got us past some of the harder fights mentioned above and I think without that magic buff we would have a bit more gearing to do to get the likes of Bloodqueen down.