Monday, 17 January 2011

Archaeology and Azeroth the grand tour!

Gordon over at did a nice little piece over his obsession with troll archaeology and big swords.

I can sympathize with him as I am similarly obsessed with night elves and the only damn thing I need off them I think I am on my 100th solve since my last rare off them and its becoming a bit of a lost cause now for me as I think with raiding kicking off I can probably do better soon.

However one of the great things I found about my travels during my Archeology leveling is to find out about how big a change the shattering wrought to Azeroth. When the patch hit to be honest I was on a bit of a down time from WOW so didn't do a lot of sight seeing after the shattering. Boy did I miss a lot!
I mean even going to Tanaris I was merrily puttering along and then suddenly though "hang on a sec I don't remember Gadgetzan being this close to the sea" well of course it is now dummy after the blooming great tidal wave.
Also you find yourself wondering what the Horde are up to in Azshara after all they appear to be building the equivalent of a Railway Gun which worryingly is pointed straight at Stormwind!
Then you move on to Darkshore and find that basically the night elves have received not to put to fine a point of it a "bit of a kicking".

So thank you Blizzard for making a profession that shows off these massive changes to the world while driving me mildly insane by giving me odd items such as which is generally only great for freaking out new players in Goldshire.