Sunday, 18 April 2010

Celestial Steed

There has been a lot of posting on the new buyable mount on various blogs so I am not going to say much about it to fear repeating what has been said already.
However I am not overly shocked as recently I have started playing on the wife's Xbox 360 I got her as a present. Its pretty obvious from this the way games are going i.e. you buy the core game which is totally playable but then if you want to delve further its micro transactions all the way to get those "extra" little bits like new companions etc. So it isn't a surprise that this business model is translating to the MMORPG games as well as people will always pay for extra "fluff".

My main point on the steed is the look of it. Am I the only one who thinks its looks a bit like the child's toy My little Pony?
I mean my eight year old is quite into my little pony and the Celestial steed wouldn't look at all out of place in a stable with them. It would probably be called Stardancer or Moonrider or something. It does kind of amuse me when you see this big Orc or Human warrior with a sword the size of steel I beam sitting on something that looks like it should be in a child's cartoon series.

I mean you can see it now Thrall calls out for his finest warriors to tackle the Scourge threat. Up ride Tharg on his lizard that he tamed against all odds to prove his warrior status, then comes Gnar on his protodrake he took from the dying hand of its former owner in Ulduar after defeating the death god threat, finally Tuuurg arrives a veteran of many battles on what looks like his baby sisters pony club ride. Lets be honest Tuuurg is going to to either have the piss ripped out of him the whole campaign or pray to god some scourge abomination rips his head off and eats him before he is forced to do the job himself to avoid the wisecracks from Gnar and Tharg.


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