Wednesday, 29 December 2010

LFG just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water!

With Christmas and work I haven't posted a lot, also I have been playing WOW rather than writing about it recently.
But overall things are going well I have made my way to 85 while reading all the quest text (loved Mount Hijal lore it was awesome and very druidic). I have also managed to get both my primary professions to 525 as well so things are going well for commencement of raiding in January with the guild.
I have not been getting on with DPS really as a boomkin as for some reason even with following rotations and add ons I still cant seem to push out the numbers I would like. So I healed a few heroics and found it fun still, after a bit of readjustment to the new way of healing (damn you Blizz did you have to nerf Rejuve that much!) I found myself doing quite well with my guild groups and have decided that I will probably be healing in raids rather than dpsing for main spec. I had a chat with the raid leader about it and it looks like it could be ok going forward.

All the above leads me to the main point of the post (yep yep ramble, ramble) as I needed some Earthen Ring rep to get some legs and a back I decided (as no one was about) to heal a normal pug group with the dungeon finder. Now bear in mind at this point I have healed a lot of heroics including Stonecore, SFK and Deadmines with minimal wipes. All I can say is I pity any poor deluded fool who uses the Dungeon Finder for Heroics.

We zoned in and it was Grim Batol I had not done this instance before but I was pretty confident on normal that I could adjust to boss tactics on the fly and I had a brief read of the abilities beforehand. Before I had even fully zoned in the druid tanks was off! In fact so far off he was out of range with a charge straight into the first group, I legged it to get in range as his health started dipping and quickly lobbed some big heals in as fast as I could. The party stayed up but I was at 50% mana and before I could take a drink he was off again! Damage was flying about all over the shop and the tank was dipping like hell despite me having 3x lifebloom on him and spamming healing touch coupled with the odd swiftmend.
This fun continued part the way to the first boss with me sweating buckets and CC just not happening. Finally he did a pull on one of the bridges and did not gather up all the mobs. I pulled healing aggro and despite fade went splat. The tank then quit without a word and we joined the queue for another one. The next tank was a bit better and at least waited for everyone to drink/ eat between pulls, though still insisted on pulling everything. After a few deaths and me drinking like a mad man when ever I could we finished the dungeon.

This has made up my mind on one thing now I am NEVER using Dungeon Finder for heroics. I don't think I could take the stress or the repair bills if people act like they did in the normal.

Also to the druid tank, I didn't catch your name as you went off so fast I was mainly watching grid. I hope to hell you never inflict yourself on a heroic group as you would be wasting their time and your as you obviously dont have a clue what you are doing. This isn't Wrath, Healers use mana now and you take a lot of damage when you pull lots of mobs as you gear is not great yet. Also if you pull a lot of mobs at least get aggro on them all so they don't kill your healer otherwise he dies then you die then the group dies. Tanking 101 bloody read it in fact here is a link to a great site for some advice that you probably wont read or take but hey its worth a shot.