Saturday, 19 December 2009

Unlucky Toons

So we did the first four bosses in ICC again and a few nice bits dropped for everyone. Including to our amazement a bow for our hunter Dalno.
Now why were we amazed? Well Dalno has a theory that when you create your toon Blizz does a secret roll and this affects all your rolling chances for loot going forward though some nefarious mechanism. His belief is that he rolled a one on creating his hunter as he is always at the back of the loot / drop train.
Him getting a good item level weapon early in the ICC campaign is unusual to say the least as previous experience does seem to back him up in his theory. I have raided with Dalno through all of BC and Wrath and he does always seem to be unlucky with loot either never seeing stuff drop or losing rolls on it.
The standing joke back in BC was that me must have run Kara 10 zillion times and never seen the gun drop in there until we were well into TK/SSC and then the damn thing dropped when it was not required in fact I think every gun user in the guild had it apart from Dal as when it dropped he was always away for some reason.

Now on while I was playing my pally drops went my way on a fair basis throughout BC and I thought nothing of Dals bad luck except that it was just that bad luck. However I rerolled my main as a druid towards the end of BC and slowly throughout Wrath I have this sneaking suspicion that Dal was right all along and Zetter was another one of those toons who rolled a one at character creation.
He is never lucky ever in rolls or loot drops the decent gear he gets is through hard work farming badges and making items. He generally gets stuff when others have it or decide to pass as we do in guild depending on who is the most needy for the item (great bunch of people who always look to the bigger picture).

So my dear blog readers what do you think are Dalno and I being paranoid? Or does Blizz have a nefarious system running in the background based on your characters hidden "luck stat".


Sunday, 13 December 2009

Year In review

I got tagged by Tessy on this from reflections from the pond and it seemed like a fun thing to so as 2009 has been a busy year wow wise for me.
Thanks to Candy from for kicking it off.

My Warcraft Year in Review

1) What did you do in World of Warcraft in 2009 that you have never done before?

I finally took the plunge into more focused raiding, before I had been happy to just potter along being fairly casual when one of my close in game friends said he was forming a focused 10 man guild I took the step of joining up with him to see if we could really push the 10 man raiding.

2) What was you favourite new place that you visited?

Like Tessy I got to go with Icecrown Citadel not because its new but because it is really the highlight of all I liked about WOW.
I was fascinated when I first started the game with all the lore involving the Scourge and I was really looking forward to facing off against the undead. Lets say so far it hasn't disappointed and Arthas we are coming to get you!

3) What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?

In all honesty probably less drama in game. 2009 has had a hell of lot of ups and down and I am just hoping that 2010 will be a stable run in game with good raid progress.

4) What was you biggest achievement in 2009?

For me it was getting the firefighter achievement in Ulduar as to be honest I didn't think I was good enough to be in a team that could do it. After some goes at it and reading up on the fight I thought it was a bit beyond me but we got it and victory was sweet for all the work we put in.

5) What was you biggest failure?

I think not dealing with some issue in my old guild in a very mature way that lead to issues which I think could have been handled better.

6) What did you get really , really excited about?

Joining a small guild being setup from scratch. Previously I have never been a mover if I could avoid it. I prefer my comfort zone and this was a hell of a jump into the unknown not knowing if it would work or not.

7) What do you wish you had done less off?

Probably worrying about missing things in game. I always hate miss things especially 1st kills and used to get stressy if I missed things because of work or other commitments.

8) Whats you favourite WOW blog or podcast?

I would have to say Pink Pigtails Inn I always boggle at how Larisa manages to write so much I just run out of ideas/ time.

9) Tell us a valuable wow lesson you learned in 2009?

If you try enough you can achieve most things in wow if you want them. I would have never thought I could have gotten as far as I have with raiding. I thought hard modes and drakes were for 5 day a week raiders. Really all you need is a group of dedicated people who are prepared to lean and adapt.

10) People I am tagging to complete this Meme

Being new on the scene I don't really have anyone to tag who hasn't been already but I hope my answers are of interest to people.