Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Random Phone Call

I know this is a bit off the WOW topic but I just thought I would relay it as it was the first time I had come across it and to be honest it could have caught my wife out.
Due to changing our telephone and issues we are having with it we have taken to leaving the answerphone off and picking up on most calls now. This has inevitably lead to discussions with various individuals regarding the joys of double glazing and swapping all our utilities again.

However the other day my wife mentioned she had been phoned by Microsoft of all people to explain there was a security risk on her copy of windows that they had detected during her Internet use! Fortunately she was busy with other stuff and didn't have time to speak with the person or thank god do anything on the PC they recommend.
This was followed the other day by some kind gentleman phoning from somewhere who claimed to represent an "Internet security firm". He was unlucky as he got me this time and when he launched into his spiel I informed his that I was puzzled regarding my windows security breach as I had a Mac. This immediately floored him as my god who the hell owns a Mac? All his carefully crafted keylogger were of no use as no one hack Macs! So he mumbled something and then hung up.

But I just though it was worth throwing out there for you if you know any PC using people who are not that clued up that the keylogging/ hacking brigade have moved off of dodgy websites and are now phoning people to get them to click on links directly under the guise of "security". Its a clever way of getting people to put a Trojan on their system or possibly give someone remote access to their PC for a while so they can have a rifle through possibly all you bank details.

Of course if any Microsoft Employees want to correct me that they do personally phone their customers and monitor their copies of Windows XP for security breaches on the internet I will take it all back :).


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Zelmaru said...

Because of hacking and stuff, I have a special e-mail I use for stuff - figuring that if people don't readily know my e-mail because I don't use that one for anything else, it will be impossible to get my e-mail + password combo.

Every day, every DAY, I get an e-mail from a different random "world0fw4rcraft-account-giveusurmoney" URL. I always simply send it to I'm glad I'm not using that e-mail for anything else. The hacker spam is awful.