Thursday, 11 February 2010

The sweetest boss kill

Some kills in WOW are just the sweetest because they are victory snatched from the jaws of defeat.
This was the case with my guild KOR on Monday. We were determined to get Bloody Queen Latfia down this week. As you know this is a tightly tuned fight on both 10 and 25 man with the enrage being very very tight and when she enrages you don’t get a couple of extra seconds of dps time she basically one shots the raid with her aura.
So with 20 tries remaining under our belt we went in to take her to the cleaners. Six wipes later with her hovering about 4% mark we knew we just needed that little bit of good fortune to get her down.

So after some abuse from our ever so Grumpy Dwarf hunter and words of encouragement from our pally tank raid leader we girded our loins or in my case roots and set forth again.
It was going well no one and the vampire bites were going to the correct people heroism was blown and still she continued to drop 3%, 2% 1%. But then disaster! The big warning the she was about to enrage popped up and it looked like another 1% wipe as she went nuts and proceeded to one shot most of the raid.

Then she was dead? What the hell! Everyone in the raid was dead what happened?

We definitely got her as the achievement popped up that we had cleared the blood wing. Must have been the dots I thought to myself. But no I was mistaken our resident Boomkin dps nutter landed a 15K starfire crit just as he died and so down went the blood queen leaving behind a nice set of shoulders for one lucky druid healer.

Yep it was a lucky kill and yep we probably would have got her at some time that evening but the cheers over vent were deafening and nothing made the kill sweeter than knowing we were one second from making the long walk back in to start again.


P.S Then there was last night where we wiped at about 0.5% on the last shot of the evening at Valithria Dreamwalker. Because she despawned as to the only person left standing was our pally healer who was in a bubble so wasn’t seen as a target for the damn mobs causing a reset. Meh sometimes you eat the bear sometimes the bear eats you!

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LarĂ­sa said...

Oh how sweet! Big grats! I have yet to try her in 10 man, but you bet I'm looking forward to it!