Sunday, 14 February 2010

Faction Choices

I read a lot of the WOW blogs especially when I am bored at work and waiting for things like the system to update or people to phone me back.
One thing I have noticed is a majority of the bloggers appear to be Horde in fact people are faction xfering as well now to the Horde side. I just wonder why people tend to go one faction or another especially in the Blogsphere.

There was a general underlying feeling that Horde was played by the more Pro/ mature players back in Vanilla is it a reflection of that?
It takes time and patience to maintain a blog so I don't see the LOL NOOB crowd posting much on the blog and the rants are great so is there more of the grumpy old men/ women type of personality writing blogs?
Probably me thinking quite stereotypically and there are probably as many reason for people rolling Horde rather than Alliance as there are blogs out there but I can help shaking the feeling that the blog community could be a slight underlying proof of that old belief regarding faction choices?

Personally I rolled Alliance as I wanted to play a Dwarf initially I had played dwarfs in most RPGs I have ever played so it felt natural. Then when it came time to reroll I had built up friends/ guild mates in my faction hence I rolled another Alliance race now going forward it would be unlikely for me to ever play Horde as a main unless all my friends shifted as well.

On this point I will always be cursed to be in the losing side of battle grounds as it appears that in the Battle group Misery the Horde breed their new players to be AWESOME NINJAS OF DEATH in PVP.



LarĂ­sa said...

Hmmmm... Are you certain about the horde dominance in the blogosphere. Admittedly Spinks and Tamarind are on the dark side, as well is Gevlon, but Matticus is ally, and so am I, Rohan and Gnomeaggedon. Oh, I guess I should check out my entire blogroll.

I guess you MAY be right about horde dominance, but if there is one, I actually don't think it's that huge.

zetter said...

It just seems a lot of the sites I read have a horde main I didnt really do a tally guess I should have done.
Also was wondering why people rolled their faction as well. They are very shade of grey when you get to know them the horde have some real heroes and the Alliance have some complete nutters take the current king of Stormwind as an example.


Draykor said...

Horde do walk all over us except AV, I played horde on wildhammer for 2 years before defecting to play with RL friends. I presonnaly started on a gnome then played a tauren i had no idea the faction would make a big difference i was a warcraft novice. I have to say that the maturity isnt an issue on either side, both have spammers, idiots but both have the ignore button. Anyway peace out from AT!