Sunday, 31 January 2010

The weekly raid and pug nerdrage!

I have read with amusement the various blog stories regarding fail/ amazing PUGs generated by the LFG system.
But I have not seen much on weekly raid PUGs, as the weekly raid resets twice I can usually do the 10 man with the guild but pug the 25 man for the second reset when possible. Now most of the recent raids have been Naxx and Ulduar and easy bosses such as FL or patches. This week it was the good instructor in Naxx.
So I joined a 25 man group that was forming and got a summon to Naxx right outside the instructor so they had been clearing the trash up to the boss this was looking good! We picked up a couple of priests for the Mind Control part and we were good to go.

Then the wheels came off a bit as the priest lost the student mob and the Instructor proceeded to gib the healers followed by the rest of the raid. Meh it happens and the priests put their hand up and said they have never done the controlling before. So I figured someone would explain what to do and we would be set.


Then cue one of the greatest examples of nerdrage I have seen for a while. A mage explodes in caps with the comment to the effect "FFS NOOOBS I HAVENT GOT TIME FOR THIS GOOD LUCK WIPING IN ICC IF YOU CANT GET THIS RIGHT" and quit the raid. This then precipitated a mass quit of everyone in a domino effect.
Bearing in mind the mage had done bog all really in ICC and to be honest hadn't even kill Yogg in 10 man ulduar I was frankly amazed. I felt sorry for the priests who basically got slagged on something they had never done before which no one bothered to explain or even ask them about and also for the people who organised the raid.

I am so glad I don't have to pug raid much I think I would end up quitting if I had to suffer stuff like this on a weekly basis.


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