Monday, 15 February 2010

Liability Lady

Is it just me or does doing anything involving Jaina Proudmoon in game make as much sense for survival as standing in a thunderstorm waving a large copper rod about?
The woman appears to be a liability and I am amazed anyone NPC wise followers her into battle as you life expectancy is probably less than the guys in Red Shirts in Star Trek (remember them?). It was bought home to me how much of a liability she is when I was running Pit of Saron on my druid.
As soon as you walk in her entire contingent of troops get annihilated on the spot. Then as you move in you free up slaves to boost up the numbers again so the good lad and lasses of the alliance shake of their bonds and put their shoulders to wheel again to help. So after fighting our way through the tunnel and vanquishing the boss she lets those same brave souls get frost bombed to death at the end.
Don’t get me started on her attempt into Halls of Reflection not only does she let you nearly get killed by ghosts after having a cosy chat with Frostmourn but all she can do while you are running out is break down some bloody walls while you kill off the ravenous undead. She could at least throw a bit of AOE in to help kills them lets be honest an ice wall can’t be that tough. Finally you get cornered and it’s only the fact that someone had some brains to bring a warship up to help you out that you survive.

Give me Thrall any day of the week at least when I helped him escape from Old Hillsbrand the guy stepped up to the plate and did some tanking/ killing of enemies in fact he was pretty good as I recall.


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Calli said...

She's not particularly bright, either. Crying over Wrynn's compassion towards Saurfang the Elder as he recovers the body of his son in Icecrown:

Wrynn: "Jaina, why do you cry?"
Jaina: "It's nothing my lord, I'm just proud of my King."

Jaina, lass. Last time I checked you were the daughter of the ruler of Kul Tiras and you were the ruler yourself of the Kingdom of Theramore. Wrynn's not now, and never has been, your King. You dumbass. If all you ever wanted was to study, you might want to study some politics, given that you're a ruler of a kingdom and all.