Saturday, 26 December 2009


So the guild is essentially on shutdown at the moment for the holiday with a lot of our members either being with the family or possibly in a gutter somewhere after a few too many shandys.

I personally have also been with my nearest and dearest but have been ensuring once again that I partake in my favourite sacrifice to the gods of wow i.e. doing the random daily every day so I can keep collecting my frost badges for my T10 set.

Now mostly random dungeons recently for me have been fun, as a healer I get groups almost immediatly. Probably not as fast as tanks (who I believe get into an instance before they join the LFG queue through some sort of quantum effect) but plenty fast enough for me. Also virtually all of the groups I have joined have been swift although silent (the art of conversation appears to have died in the LFG channel sometimes nary a word is uttered by anyone through the whole run).

But over the last couple of days I have been involved in two amazing groups in the new ICC dungeon Pit of Saron.
The first I joined at the end of the run with their first healer having dropped for some reason before the last boss. I think probably because he died at the keyboard from old age. The tank was well geared with 40K hit points buffed but my god the dps was appalling. A shammy managed to pull the boss before the tank and died, then a hunter got killed from a blast from the frost wyrm so I battle rezzed the shammy and we kept on fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting.
Now this boss as you probably know he casts overlords brand on people for dps this means they have to stop shooting as it damages the tank and for healers your heals also heal the boss. Now as a druid this is a bit of a pain in the ass as my heals kind of dont stop when I want them to being hots but normally the dps just burn his ass down anyhow despite the little boost he gets from me. But not these guys I was actually considering using an innervate as the fight went on so damn long and I never use that in heroics in fact generally I dont even notice my mana dropping. Eventually the boss went down after a fight lasting longer than most raid boss fights.

The second run was in the same place Pit of Saron again. I went in with my insane dps Elemental Shammy guildmate and we got eventually a group together. The issue was I was having trouble working out who was the tank as there were a couple of people on high hitpoints with the highest being 3.3K buffed.
Apparently this was the tank at this point I thought "ah well I Will see how it goes maybe hes stacking avoidance" but I think I was wrong on this. Damn from a healers point of view it was one of the hardest runs I have ever healed the tank was spiking like a yoyo and if you know the bit where you go up the hill to run the gauntlet I don't think I have put out so much Heals Per Second for a long time on one target.
I think the tank forgot that spell caster need to be hit and tanked or they look for other people to play with LIKE ME so at one point I had hots rolling on the tank along with with a full lot on me as I was getting the hell blown out of me.

I can say one thing for random pugs it keeps you on your toes!


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