Sunday, 27 December 2009

LFG Fun take 2

Well another exiting adventure in the Pit of Sauron.

This time everything was going swimmingly the tank has decent hit points nothing amazing but enough the dps was good and we rocked on through the first two bosses.
After the second boss was dead we were ready to head up the hill towards the gauntlet with those summoner mobs. But the tank in his wisdom obviously had a new speed running tactic that he didnt share with the rest of the group and zoomed on up the hill before the mobs spawned.
Now this would have been great if he had told the rest of us but he didn't and this left him at the top of the hill and us at the bottom. Then to top it all off at this impasse the prick dropped the group and left us without a tank. Needless to say then we decided to call it a day with the last boss up.

I swear at the moment speed running is getting out of hand in the rush for badges and with LFG its a consequence free thing to drop a group or basically act like an asshole. Unless there is someone on from the same realm you are immune from being called out as a Twat.

Still here is to you pally tank thanks for letting me die in the ambush by the Giests and leaving everyone in the lurch when you got yourself trapped. We are not Jonny Wishbone psychic extraordinaire and if you had smegging told us what you were planning we would have followed you but as you didn't use that basic human skill of COMMUNICATION I hope to hell anyone you raid with has the sixth sense as I bet you wipe a lot of raids otherwise.



Tessy said...

Had a fun moment in ToC yesterday with my priest - we had the posion-splatting boss and the tank did not budge at all while tanking him and stood in the green goo throughout the fight.

We wiped of course, and then the tank said WTF! Noob healer! and promptly dropped out of the group.

Some people seems to have lost the patience to communicate what you intend to do or even to stand a few mistakes in the run.

Still, I have had mostly good experiences in the pug runs and I find them very fun in many ways :-)

zetter said...

I like it mostly Tess even the one with the minescule hit points tank was not awful. But what annoys me the most is when people just drop and leave you in the lurch then the run basically bombs.


Othrelos said...


I feel that tanks are forced to "speed run" in random pug's. Comments like a "go", "go go", "slowpoke" etc. are all ways in the air. Wondering if two things are related: speed demand and lack of tanks(Available tanks wanna go with known people.) I agree that random pug people is more on they toes than realm pug environment. I had tanking with my DK a lot of these random pug's and i had that bad behavior on me most of time. I am not a quitter, i go through gray rock if i have to :)