Thursday, 31 December 2009

Naxx and undying

So last night we had a team together to see what we could do raiding wise while a lot of the team are on break for Christmas.
After a full clear of ICC (with me getting thanks to some nice passing from some of the raid who also could have used it) we decided to try again to do an undying run in Naxx which should have been easier now you can get to Kel straight off and get the hard bits done first.

Now a few of us and Naxx undying have a long and nasty history replete with runs failing due to luck, bugs and off days. The first run I nearly got it on we got all the way to KT and the tank stood in a void zone with him on 2%, then we went through Instructor Rav bugging on us so we couldn't mind control the adds to failing on Sapph when both our ice blocked people ended up at opposite ends of the room and a couple of people got blown up. Its got so bad that one of our main tanks twitches I swear whenever we mention it.

So once again we set forth and this time it WAS going to happen we wanted that damn title "undying".
So we blew through Sapph and KT first with no issues and also cleared that other deathtrap for the unwary Heigan. This was it we thought hard stuff out the way and keep focus and we got this!

Then we get to Grobbulous, now Grobb to be honest has been our whipping boy for ages no one ever died on him anymore. So we started off ok with the main tank kiting away and me picking up adds.
Then I noticed on vent that people were mentioning they were not getting warnings off the boss mods when they had the disease on them and there were some poison clouds in the middle of the room. For me I hadn't noticed as being a healer I have raid debuffs running on grid so I can see who needs healing when they get infected so I dont pay any attention to skulls above my head as grid tells me whats happening.
This doesn't apply to everyone as everyone is not a healer.... Also our boomkins raid UI decided at this point to throw a major mental and pop up with errors all across his screen. This lead to him not being able to see he was in a big poison cloud in the middle of the room dropped by someone else who's boss mods were not working and he went down splat!

I am thinking I will never be Zetter the undying as to be honest most of the guild twitch when you mention doing it again and I think the bloody game it out to prevent me from doing this one achievement.



Anonymous said...

I wasnt named and shamed woot:D

Tessy said...

Nor did he name and shame the poor healer who got confused trying to circumvent the spreading green goo (which was cleverly covered by the corpses of dead giants too btw :P) and utterly failed to pop a pair of wings on the boomkin... :-)

Anonymous said...

And other healer, who was in the corner out of range of boomkin, waiting to debuff wearing off on same time when boomkin was screaming in vent "i going to die......"! :D