Saturday, 4 September 2010

You think you know it all......

As I posted recently my wife has got back on the WOW bandwagon and is thundering through content with her hunter and fuzzy bear know as Thread (still love that).

Now back in BC when I was looking at changing mains away from my pally as a healer to my druid and I wanted a DPS toon to farm for me so I ran a hunter up to level 68 and really got a feel for the class ( at this point I lost interest in the project then respecced my pally as dps). Hence I thought I knew a fair bit about hunters to help my beloved out with her toon.


Due to my concentrating on my druid/ pally for Wrath and raiding my ass off I got a rather rude awakening that I don't have a bloody clue about hunters anymore.

Case in point my wife asked me about training her pet. No problem I think I remember this you learn the skills from the pet trainer and train your pet in the skills you want. So I proceed in a confident tone of voice to explain all this to her only to be stopped in my tracks by the comment "but the pet trainer doesn't teach anything".

I wander over and damn me she is right nothing now I am stumped and with rather less confidence fire up wowhead and do some digging for a bit. After a while I come across "pet Talents". Stop the press where the hell did those come from? Apparently hunters changed a lot more with Wrath than I thought, so tail between my legs I explain how pets now have talents apparently and off she trundles again with a parting shot "I thought you said you had played a hunter?"

God help me when Cataclysm launches at this rate if I don't keep my pally up to date all I will know about is Druids!

One advantage of my wife now getting in to WOW I have a great idea for a small anniversary gift for her. I think her hunter will look great on a celestial steed done you?



Tessy said...

A celestial steed would be a nice gift indeed!

zetter said...

Your a poet and dont know it :)