Thursday, 16 September 2010

I really should stop reading stuff sometimes

I have (basically because I haven't been able to help myself) been reading a bit on the blogsphere about the upcoming changes to resto druids in Cata.
Am I the only one who is getting a bit worried about them at the moment? I know I know its beta and nothing is set in stone (TM) but at the moment from reading up druids seem to be horribly behind other healers with regards to their usefulness with the current mastery's in raids.
Matticus has a good initial rundown on healing classes and how they are shaping up in Cata here

Some of the comments from him and also in the great breakdown of mastery for resto druids by Lissanna over at Restokin

make me a bit nervous about the possible state of druid healing going into Cataclysm.

When we went into Wrath from my point of view no healing class really was at the bottom of the heap by a long way when it came to healing. We all had our niches in raids which allowed all classes to be wanted.
It does appear with the current state of druid healing at 85+ level that we are really suffering from Blizzards attempts to homogenise to an extent all healers so each class can capably do a bit of everything. While this is a laudable goal to prevent issues in 10 man raids due to guild make ups. I hope that all the feedback from those in the beta on druids make us viable healers for raids straight off the bat in Cataclysm as I really don't want to switch mains if I end up healing in Cataclysm to be effective till Blizzard gets it sorted out.

I know I am worrying probably over nothing but there is the smell in the air of release dates being put forward and there is activity on the test realms.


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