Friday, 12 March 2010

To prove that gear is serious business

So we are cracking on into ICC and we are basically having a few pops at Mr Litchy himself. Though Defile is proving to be a bit of sticking point at the moment.

Our team is quite tight as we only have 12 raiders in the guild at the moment. So this team has so far gone through all of Ulduar Hardmodes and most of ICC on 10 man. We rotate DPS regularly but have ensured that everyone gets a crack at hard content and get the rewards from it including Drakes and titles even if we have to do the hard stuff several times.
One of our top DPS is our beloved Elemental Shaman who was one our main tanks on his Pally through BC and switched to DPS for WOTLK. Generally he is high if not top of the meters and when in PUGs such as VOA he ranks high as well so he knows his class and how to use it.

He may be the worst speller in the whole of Aerie Peak, so much so that half the time we don't know what he is on about (and yes he is English) but he can put out big numbers.
On Monday we were once again clearing ICC and a nice spellpower DPS cape dropped. Our Shammy rolls on it and wins, he equips it and the below flashes up on our screen.

Yep he finally got his epic achievement I guess now he can get into those Naxx 10 PUGs on the Peak now.............

I always did love the request for link EPIC as if this made you a better player. I know this request has been mostly superseded by the infamous Gearscore but it still made me smile to think my friend who has done all of Ulduar hard modes on 10 man and nearly finished ICC could not have linked EPIC to get into some Naxx 10 PUG.



Anonymous said...

Tell Meatballs I love him!!


Tessy said...

Haha "who needs gear?" QFT!