Thursday, 5 November 2009


Well from the high of Monday I came down to earth with a bump last night.

I was just getting ready to kick of with the guild and another run through TOC and Ulduar when the PC turned itself off.
Now I guess most of you out there have experienced that sinking feeling when something like this happens you know in your heart that something serious has happened. I tried the power switch it was dead, so I unplugged it and when I plugged it back in the PC immediately started up and as soon as the posting beep happened bam it shut down. I fiddled with a few bits but I suspect I have a motherboard failure as the PC shouldn’t switch itself on as soon as it’s plugged in.
So today its round to my good friend in the guild who is an electronics wiz to get him to trouble shoot it which I suspect will be a while as it doesn’t appear to be an obvious fault.

So what did I do last night while my guild was busting out Orbituary in Ulduar? Set up my laptop with all my bloody add-ons and game controller ect ect and update WOW on it so I can at least get by in the raids for the next few weeks, though at severely curtailed resolutions and detail settings.

This has happened to me a few times in my gaming career and if you talk to my afore mentioned friend I am death and dismemberment to anything electronic related its like I have some sort of damn aura that causes things to blow up.
It’s also not hit at a great time finances wise as myself and my beloved wife have just had to shell out on a new car when the gear box fell out of her old one. Overall its bough back to me one of the things I said a few years ago why the hell didn’t I just stick with a basic machine for WOW and get an X box to play other stuff on that just works without all the faffing about!



LarĂ­sa said...

Ouch. I know the "PC goes boom" situation too well. It's such a pain. I hope you'll get through it somehow.

Gondir said...

Luckily we made acceptable progress without you, but I had to work damn hard to match your Druid imbaness for raidhealing!

That said, a decent budget machine can run wow with all whistles and bells on a 22"-24" monitor, and continue to be usable for an expansion or two. But when the funds are limited even that can be too expensive :(

Anyway, looking forward to see if your lappy stands up to the challenge for tonights Freya+3 and Firefighter ;)