Saturday, 7 November 2009


Well thanks to my mate the PC is battle rezzed. Can you believe it was the power switch that was shorting. So now my reset button is my power switch temporally.

So yesterday I decided to join a VOA 25 man pug seeing as I missed out on all the Wednesday fun. This went fine with the fire boss down and unfortunately no t9.5 leg drop but hey ho Zetter the druid is on of those "unlucky" toons i.e. all he gets is from hard graft.

So we move on to Emalon he's down easily and a pvp + spellpower ring drops I'm thinking hmm may be worth a role as I do dabble in pvp a bit. When suddenly the Raid Leader announces that only people with an area team can roll WTF!
Now I didn't make a bit issue about it just sai I thought it was a bit out of order, to be honest it was only deadly gear and I have enough honour to get what I want.

However I have read about this on Ala recently and it appears to have spread to the Peak now as well.
Personally and I am aiming this at people who are starting to set this rule this sucks. I wouldn't mind but I bet none of you ask people to link say Firefighter Achievement or Secrets of Ulduar before any of the PVP crowd can roll on T9.5 legs.
I can appreciate sometimes it must be a bit of a gyp for someone to win some nice legs who hasn't done a lot of PVP where you may have sweated blood in the arena. But it is the same for a lot of us PVE types who see Jonny Druid get some T9.5 legs while not having set foot in Ulduar or TOC. Dishing out loot in PUGs on the basis of what form of the game someone plays the most is bang out of order especially when you don't announce it before raid start.

So be warned all you VOA PUGers on the Aerie Peak realm it may be worth checking going forward what odd twists the Raid Leader is going to throw your way next!


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