Wednesday, 7 October 2009

So the other day I was running round Dalaran in a circle basically chatting on guild to a few people about general things not relating to the game.
Then it occurred to me A) why the hell am I running in circles and B) wouldn’t it be better to do something productive like levelling fishing while chatting.
I have a total of approx 160 days /played on my old main and my current druid main.

I am wondering how much of this in days I have sent running round in a circle in either Shat, Dalaran or Stormwind essentially using WOW as MSN to chat to friends on line. I think maybe it’s because I am a guy and find multi tasking hard. Also in real life I tend to fidget a lot if I am still for a long period and I think this translates to my time in wow.

So ask yourself when you look at your /played how much of it was basically spent on an £8.99 Blizzard driven version of MSN.


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