Monday, 5 October 2009

AOE causing Disconnects crit Tree for 30K !

So the Onxyia 25 kill is still outstanding!

I managed to get into a PUG doing it and got assigned to the main tank healing (though it seems at the moment most of the time to get into an Ony 25 you need to have done Ony 25 and be a class there isn’t a lot of in the raid). After a couple of wipes (one of which left me as the only one healing the main tank as the other healer didn’t run in with us) we got to phase 2.
Then the AOE opened up on the Whelps and WHAM DC from server. After a quick relog the main tank was dead and it was soon to be all over. Also for a Brucie bonus the DC and relog had killed all my clique keybinds so I was healing with one hand behind my back as all my major spells go through clique so are all over the action bar in a random order.
I put this down to bad luck and we went again, same thing happened AOE opened up and straight DC again a relog the tank was alive but once again it had taken out clique.

I kicked some graphic settings but whispered the raid leader that I was having issues and if he wanted to bin me no problems. He swapped me to raid healing to reduce the risk (nice guy for doing that) but after one more wipe as is usual with pugs people got annoyed comments of “noobs” where being flung so the group bombed.

I think next time I will reset my system at low graphic mode for this fight to see if that fixes it but unfortunately PUGs tend to be unforgiving of DCs so I need to get it right 1st time.


Still missing Onyxia 25 man.

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Tessy said...

I've too been having trouble with keybindings not working when you relog and get back in in the middle of the fight a few times lately, which is really annoying - both the dc and then not being able to do squat when you get back!

The keybindings don't get back to normal until I am dead or the fight is over :-(