Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Yogg 1 AT 0 and oops we have been slacking in TOC :)

Well its Monday TOC was cleared by two teams the week before so we were at a bit of lose end for Monday so what to do???
I have a great idea yay lets go do Yogg in Ulduar we had left him up from a run two weeks ago for just such an occasion so I thought it would be a nice idea to extend my raid ID and get some other people to see it who didn't make our first kill.

Now a quick back story on this. AT pushed hard into Ulduar for quite a while with one raid team swapping people in and out as we went and finally got to MR Yogg and downed him in one night of hard try's. Now I know this isn't major compared to progress but it was a big effort for us and was a pleasure to finish Ulduar for the first time.

This was coincidentally at the point that TOC was about to hit so after that first sweet kill we like I guess a lot of other people bombed on into TOC as to be honest it was something we wanted to get started on. Hence we really didn't bother with Ulduar except on off days and fun runs (after all Yogg was dead mission accomplished for the AT heroes).

But yesterday after a successful TOC clear on the Wednesday I extended my Ulduar ID from the previous week and offered the chance up in the guild for people to have a crack at the big blob himself.
Several of our regulars offered to bench themselves to give people who had not been before a shot and off the merry team of 10 trotted to give Yogg a good spanking......... 2 Hours later a very battered AT team limped out of Ulduar after having received a rather harsh spanking from said blob.

I think going forward we will need to put more effort into Ulduar as a preparation for Icecrown rather than TOC as I get the feeling TOC was a bit of free loot filler from Blizz. If the same people who did Ulduar are doing Icecrown we need to keep our edge for that from Ulduar rather than be lulled into a false sense of security by the sweet song of TOC.

Zetter slightly scored and hammered tree.

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Gondir said...

I haven't actually done Yogg myself yet due to my retirement, but from videos looks like Yogg is much like Al'ar in terms needed skill.

Al'ar wasn't exactly hard, but each and every raider needed to maintain a very high level of situational awareness to stay alive - a good exercise to keep your raiders fit.

on a sidenote, TOC normal is probably the filler - I'm not so sure the heroic versions are as easy, but I'm probably right when I say they're just normal with bigger numbers, so no real difference in needed skill.