Sunday, 20 September 2009

PUGs are like a box of Chocolates

As Forrest Gump's mum said "life is a like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get". I guess like a lot of people she didn't actually read the little bit of card you get in the box to tell you.

After watching the film the other day this got me thinking about PUGs.

Now recently I have been PUGing a hell of a lot due my drive for so I can get the T9 4 piece set. As there are quite a few days I can only nip on to do the daily say "hi" and go off I cant do this in guild runs all the time as a lot of people tend to have done it when I come on. So I drop into the murky world of PUGs again after a long absence when heroics were not worth doing.

Like Forrests mum and looking at the little card to tell you whats in the chocolate box, generally I don't have the time or patience to armoury people to see if they are going to cope in a heroic its just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

As a healer this can be interesting I tend to get into groups easily but the experience can vary from the easy to the ridiculous.
Take the last two days I have run with two different PUGs in fairly similar dailies difficulty wise these being Nexus and Halls Of Stone. But the runs could not have been more different in terms of the challenge to and the speed at which they were carried out.

The Nexus run was a full plate dps affair (well except me I was wearing Bark) with DKs, Pallys and Warriors. Overall the tank couldn't hold threat to save his life and I mainly spent the whole run healing one of the DPS warriors who seemed to be getting hit more than the tank. At one point before the boss in the crystal Garden I got killed and this bunch didnt even notice and proceeded to engage the boss while I was still dead.
We did the run but it was more challenging at times that healing Mimeron in Ulduar as there was threat bouncing all over the place!

Compare this to the run today through Halls Of Stone. The tank was a threat Magnet and the dps were competent. All I did during the run was put Rejuvenation on everyone and the occasional nourish with the last boss going down before I really had time to Blink.

Overall though both were fun runs in their way one was quick with competent people and the other was challenging and pushed me hard to make it a success.

So next time you are in a heroic PUG just wonder will you get the wonderful rich Truffle Chocolate or will it be the hard centre :).


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Tessy said...

I like the way you think, even a bad pug can be fun if you see it as a test or challenge of your abilities :-)

And no marzipan or cherry fillings for me please!