Wednesday, 17 August 2011

No Cross faction Chat :(

Well it looks like cross faction chat is now out of The Old Republic. I guess it was too much to hope for it being kept in especially after some interesting experiences I have had in WOW with people in PVP making characters specifically on your faction to start arguments over PVP.

Bit of a shame though as I know a lot of my friends want to try out both Imperial and Republic and it would have been nice to chat with them while we were playing different factions. I guess I was hoping the testers would have been a bit more mature and not start slating each other cross faction... Should have known better.

Never know though we could get something like real ID going forward maybe.



Janne aka Kaitsja said...

So ahve you been playing the Beta anything and if so whats your opinion Zett?

//Janne aka kaitsja

Fin Chi said...

Hi Zetter
We used to be guildies in SWG. My character name was Gnnaarl. It seems like there are emulators of the pre CU SWG game up & I was wondering if any of the Troma guildies are playing on one of them.
Would be good to hear how Kibo, Xeno, Grrr and Raffa etc are doing if you know.
Hope hear from you,