Monday, 23 May 2011

Not with a bang but with a whisper

I guess there are not many people following the blog anymore except maybe some old guildies of mine but it seems a good a place to close as any. Anyone who still drops by has probably noticed I have not posted in quite a while.

To coin a phrase from Granny Weatherwax off the Discworld "I aint dead"

Basically I have had a lot going on at home and raiding in the Kingdom of Rust has effectively ceased. In an odd sort of way I expected it to all end in a big drama or everyone moving to a new game en mass. But like I guess a lot of guilds in Warcraft at the moment we didn't "rage against the dying of the light" but instead slipped slowly towards the end with key members of the raid team moving on to stuff like Rift or taking the summer off early. No one quit in a huff or disappeared without a word though which was nice.
I think at once several people who to be honest I have known through WOW and IRL for 4-5 years decided that the game had run its course for them and it was time to stop.

The great thing about 10 man raiding is you form nice tight knit raid teams and really get to know the people you are playing with. The downside is the loss of a few key players can turn a well geared progressing guild into a non event in very short order. In the space of a month or so we lost or are losing both our tanks, a healer(raid leader) and several heavy dps. This left us with the option of recruiting five plus people including both our tanks or calling it a day after several years.
Personally as the reluctant Guild Master I didn't have the heart or time to start it all over again and from the guildies remaining no one really felt we could recover as most of the people who left were friends in one way or another outside the game. So as of the end of this month Kingdom of Rust and probably my time raiding in WOW will come to an end.

I must admit in the time I have been raiding I have had a blast. From the first falter steps in Kara (Shade I still hate you!) all the way through to standing over the Lich Kings corpse it has been a great time with a lot of really nice people who I would not have known in any other way.
I have lots of fun memories of the heady days of killing Gruul (sometimes with the aid of shaky scanned diagrams when I was raid leading) through to the end of the story arc at the Frozen Throne.

Is it over for me in WOW as well? Well I dont know but I have found myself logging on less except for raids recently and I know I will be signing up for the Old Republic when it is launched as I am a Star Wars nut. So I wont be taking the blog down as there is a distinct possibility it will be revamped as my adventure in the Old Republic.

To anyone who reads this still thanks for taking the time to follow my musings over the past few years and to the Bloggers who I have followed over the years keep on writing as I have spent many happy hours following your adventure in Azeroth.

Finally to the guys and girls from Kingdom of Rust and before them Ascendo Tuum thanks for all the fun times both inside the game and outside it. If you ever get tempted by blasters and lightsabers you know where a few of us will be.



Keredria said...

Awww... take care Zetter!

Mister K said...

I know exactly what you mean, my sub runs out after tomorrow actually.

Tessy said...

I have not yet decided if I will start on some other game - a few friends are playing Rift but I haven't really felt an urge to go play anything else really. I am quite happy not spending a lot of time by the laptop these days.

Maybe I will turn up for Star Wars, maybe I won't. I know where to find you and I hope we'll stay in touch no matter where we end up :)

zetter said...

Yep I can stalk you on Facebook :)