Saturday, 26 February 2011


Usually I don't post much about specific talent builds in the game. I am a middle of the road player and leave the heavyweight discussions on whats hot in the talent builds to people like Keeva over at or Beruthiel at who do some great stuff on builds/ theory crafting.

However at the moment on thing that has left me in a quandary is dear old Efflorescence. I currently have it in this build As you can see I have fully talented into Efflorescence and do use it quite a lot during raiding but I am beginning to question if it is worth it or not.

Our raid composition for healers is generally me, a pally and a holy priest with sometimes (if the pally is tanking) two holy priests (on this point Tessy from should on no account going forward let her son anywhere near her router near raid nights!) so I generally find myself tank healing on a lot of fights to a greater or lesser extent. With the fact we always have a holy priest in the raid as a raid healer I am questioning if it is worth keeping Efflorescence in the build anymore.

I think Efflorescence should be a lot cooler than it is and at the moment it doesn't feel like its competing with Circle of Healing or Healing Rain. I kind of want to hang on it as I feel almost I should as a nod to my raid healing past but I am wondering if a build like would be more beneficially to the type of healing I am doing?
Has anyone else out there tried out dropping Efflorescence from their build and how has it worked out? I think I may try it for the next raid and see how it pans out though I think I will miss out on seeing green puddles all the time.


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Tessy said...

Son is banned from touching home network on raid nights from now on! He will have to learn the tricks of the trade on other nights :)

And no getting rid of Efflorescence - I want my safe green puddle on the floor even if I am all alone in it!