Sunday, 30 January 2011

Odd role changes in healing raids

If you have been following the blog for a while you have probably noticed that I will probably end up being a healer forever. Despite dalliances with tanking and the tempting mistress that is DPS I always tend to gravitate for my hardcore play back to healing.

Now for part of BC and all of Wrath raiding I was a raid healer.

If there raid wide damage to heal or constant AOE pulses going off I was your Tree, with a flourish of my leaves rejuvenation, wild growth or back in BC lifebloom would be rolling on all you lucky people to stop you slipping into the land of no DPS dealing death.
Basically for most of BC and all of Wrath the only tank healing I did was in 5 Mans or when content was really on farm and we ran with 2 healers instead of three. Tank healing was the domain of Pallys, Disco priests and in our case our resto Shammy.

Now I find myself in Cataclysm and druid healing has altered. Rejuvenation got a kicking (thankfully boosted recently with the hotfix), Wild growth is ok but if a shed load of damage hits the raid its like using a bucket of water to put out a factory fire and tranquility/ Tree of Life are on reasonable cool downs to prevent them being of use except in real pinch moments.
Meanwhile Holy Priests still have major tools for raid healing, Pallys have a lot more tools and Shammys get nice things like healing rain (who's area of effect is going up!!!).

So for the moment enter Zetter the tank healer! Rolling his Mighty 3 stack of lifebloom backed by rejuvenation, Nourish and with the hmmm mastery Symbiosis of he can keep that tank up and swinging. Also he can help out on raid healing with rejuvenation and tree of life pops.
Big movement fight no problem! his hots just keep on healing till he can get off a healing touch!

Meanwhile oddly enough our pally healer is raid healing ahhh bless who's a good little plate wearer then :).

I think its will all change again as Wild Growth is getting a buff on cool down and healing power so I can see myself swinging back towards raid healing again especially as Pally beacon still rocks but I have enjoyed the change of pace and my time in the sun.

Oh and yay I finally got blown up by Deathwing!


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