Sunday, 31 October 2010

Why I still dont join PUG raids on the Peak

One thing I am looking forward to in Cataclysm is the hopeful end of the gearscore, achievement crap that you appear to need now to even get a mage teleport to Dustwallow Marsh (well at least for a while until the purveyors of said crap can find someone to carry them through content so they can get said achievements/ gearscore).

Here is another classic example of the GS/Achievement Mentality on the Peak at the moment. I was wandering through Dalaran sorting out my UI in my admittedly patchwork Boomkin gear that still needs a bit of work when I got the below whisper.

Now as I said I was sorting out my UI so it was a mess and I generally only raid with the guild so I sent a cheery "no thanks" and went on my way only to get the following DND message.

Yep Mr come DPS in ICC needs my inside leg measurement before talking to him? Obviously this paragon of playing expertise must be ICC at least 12/12 on heroic 10 man and wants a fast run, so is weeding out people who haven't seen the fights? Nope after checking the armoury he hasn't even done Blood Queen or Professor on 10 man or for some reason done Storming the Citadel on 25 man.

It makes you want to cry sometimes it really does.


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Tam said...

What a charmer - I simply love the fact that the people who are most dickly about their groups are the people who have achieved the last. They might as well write: LFboost ICC-10.