Saturday, 16 October 2010


Well what a week of changes 4.0 hit and after about 2 hours of downloads, extra patches,add ons not working and my video driver deciding they were too old to display the new water I finally got on line.

The guild decided that rather than raiding on Wednesday (which seemed a bit pointless with half the guild not being able to get on till 10pm) we would hold a guild meeting to discuss who is doing what in Cataclysm. A few people as I mentioned previously have definitely decided to switch roles already and it was a good time to see if we had all the spots filled for a raid team.

Well after a bit of discussion we got most people sorted out for the roles they wanted to do.

Which left me and my resto shammy mate as people who could go any way. I was happy to fill any role but one thing I didn't want to do was be a tank/ healer again as I found that trying to keep up with both roles in terms of addons and gear was too much hard work. So after we had filled the tanks spots and the healer spots I find myself in the unlikely role of Boomer Main spec with a healing offspec.

This should be an interesting challenge as I have never played DPS in my whole WOW playing experience. I have always been a healer or a tank so I am looking forward to the challenge of chasing big numbers for a change rather than playing whack a mole with grid (disclaimer I am still healing offspec so we can cover real life issues in our raid, I am not abandoning the trees completely).

After setting myself up with a few addons to help me out such as power auras and some dot timers I realise that I still have a lot to learn about Moonkin DPS so if anyone can give me some pointers it would be much appreciated.


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Gaia said...

Its been awhile since I raided regularly as a caster dps or boomkin, but get something to track all of your procs, cooldowns, and DoTs

Squawk and Awe used to be a good addon, although I prefer using Power Auras for just about everything nowadays.

The biggest single item I have always said you can usually use to identify the difference between a good and great caster dps though is active time % during a boss fight. With the new ability Queue system, it should be easier to hit 99%+ uptime during boss fights. train yourself to cast an instant (moonfire in the case of a boomkin) every single time your character has to move. You see people haggling over a 1-2% dps increase here or there all the time, but if you aren't casting a damaging spell 100% of the time during a boss fight then nothing else is going to give you a bigger return on your damage than simply casting more spells.

...that sort of spiraled out of control... sorry ;-) Wanted to plug my new blog too if that's ok...