Thursday, 22 July 2010

A curse on all IT Killjoys

Well it finally happened at work, rather than just having a one hour restriction on a lot of the stuff you can surf on the web such as facebook, the warcraft forum, Ala etc per day they blocked anything associated with games totally. This also includes any WOW related blogs, articles,fluffy kittens and pictures.
Not that I got much time to surf the web during lunch recently as I am kind of forgetting what lunch is (I think its that time when people don't phone me as they are having lunch). But on the odd days where I got ten minutes to have a roll or packet of crisps it was nice to see what was happening in the WOW blogging community.

So for those of you who follow my blog expect to see less frequent updates (unless I remember to take Larisa's advice and do them in word and then upload them at home) and I will miss all the blogs I follow on a regular basis. Also now missing my chance to comment on some of the interesting topics.

We live in an IT age where the web is supposed to be an integral part of daily life but it seems not in my corner of it where we seem to be heading for less access to the web than my six year old gets at school.

On a different note I am finding the cata talent trees for druid to be underwhelming to say the least. Am I the only one who thinks needing dual spec if you are going to be Feral tank/ Feral DPS is being made redundant as you can virtually max out the tree to do both as it stands at the moment?
I am sure there will be a theory crafted ideal kitty / bear spec that are subtly different but the massive gap there is now has been eroded a lot.


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Tessy said...

Packet of crisps! What kind of lunch is that?!?

I think I need to teach you how to pack tasty healthy lunchboxes from yesterday's leftovers! :-)

Haven't checked out any Cata talents at all, but I feel a growing urge to bring my durid out of hibernation and go all feral again. I miss her!