Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Real Life/ Summer Crits Zetter for 50K

Sorry I haven't been posting a lot here recently. This is mainly due to the fact I have not been playing WOW a lot or actually been in front of the PC to actually write anything when I have a spare moment.
Basically for June I have been seconded to one of our bigger clients to help them out while one of their staff is off sick. This also while trying to keep my department running remotely via my super admin who is staying on site.
Due to the fact I actually want to see my family during the week I have opted to drive it and bang the mileage up on the car. This is leading to 12 ish hour days with the commute so I don't get a lot of time to do other stuff except sleep/ wind down a bit hence the blogging has taken a bit of a battering.

However we are suffering from a double whammy in KOR this month as Summer has arrived. This has lead as in many guilds to people doing stuff outdoors that doesn't involve raiding or playing the PC. As we are a small guild this has lead so far to two raids being binned totally and counting.
I am a bit in two minds about this at the moment as I think are a few of the guild. On the one hand we killed the Lich King and have finished every raid in the expansion including Ulduar and TOC on hard mode which was a major accomplishment for us considering how late we started. So I am in a way satisfied that I have got the full experience out of the expansion and the raids in it.

However there is that little itch that I would like to scratch before the curtain falls on Wrath and that is A DRAKE! We are currently 2 bosses away from that achievement admittedly two rat bastard hard ones on heroic (Professor and Sindy) but I think we can do it with a few trys and I think they I would truly be able to put wrath to bed so to speak ready for Cataclysm. Fingers crossed we can get a few raids going to do this last bit.


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