Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Should Gnomes be more angry?

While I was walking the dog the other day I was pondering what to write about as mostly it has been raid stuff and to be honest we have done ICC so its just really rambling about getting stomped on by Sindy in heroic for a few weeks.

Then it hit me Gnomes!

I mean Gnomes they are a bit like the Marmite of WOW you either love em or you hate em. I get the feeling the goblins will end up the same way in Cata.
Personally I love em, some of the funniest encounters I have had in WOW have been due to Gnomes including the time that one of our Gnomes couldnt finish the Ogrilla quest line because he couldnt reach the portal due to being too small. Also while raiding in BC the raid were doomed to failure if our favourite Gnome lock didn't die on trash (we went to great length to ensure this happened including use of misdirects by one of our hunters). One of my favourite bloggers plays a gnome and who could hate the race that make engineering devices that are more likely to kill you than what you are using them on!

But I feel that gnomes on a whole should feel angry on how things have panned out for them in WOW. In the run up to Catacylsm it appears that we finally get to retake Gnomeregan to give the Gnomes back their homeland. I am sure this will be a great run up to the start of Cataclysm if its like the old zombie invasion and will keep everyone occupied for a bit.
However if I was a Gnome I would be pissed that is has taken this long! I mean alright it would take a bit of time to get organised to take it back but seriously two expansions???

I mean things get a bit quieter after Vanilla so what do the Alliance do liberate Gnomer? Nope they bugger off through the dark portal and sort out the Draenai's problems even though they only ditched their star ship at the start of the expansion. Fair enough I guess the Burning Legion are a bit of an issue but Illidan got sorted out and then its time for the Alliance to sort out Gnomer surely?
Nope then its off to Northrend to deal with the Lich King as well as Yogg ect. If I was a Gnome I would put in a complaint to the Alliance or see if Thrall and the Horde are more helpful. Some Gnome leaders should go up to King Wrynn and have a word, I mean for gods sake the community have already sent a commando raid into the place while leveling and killed the boss in there so how hard is it for the Alliance to get their finger out and mop up a few Troggs?

Damn maybe I should have rolled a Gnome in the first place? Pity they cant be Druids.



Tessy said...

I think it is time for the Gnome Rights Party to march again!

LarĂ­sa said...

Well spoken, you friend of gnomes. Let's march again!

I must admit that the thought of a druid gnome feels weird, not to say completely impossible. Which is a pity. I can't make up my mind about my alt strategy in Cataclysm. Of course I'll level my main first, but then...? I've got nice druid alts I adore, I would really like to see the starter zone of worgen, but at the same time it's tempting to make myself a healing gnome... Decisions, decisions....

zetter said...

I was floating the idea to the guild that we should all faction Xfer for Cataclysm just so I could play a Troll Druid mon.
Also this would have the double benefit of making our pally main tank reroll as a belf pally.