Saturday, 27 February 2010

The perils of Saturday morning LFG

To be honest the title is a bit unfair as this wasn't really a fail run but it amused me never the less.
So I popped on at 8.30 this morning as I wanted to get a daily heroic done as I was getting booted of the Internet shortly due to my lovely wife wanting to catch up on last nights rugby game and hogging all the bandwidth by downloading it on BBC Iplayer.
So first try in LFG one of the DPS (and sorry but it is always dps for me) didn't accept the invite guess coffee was brewing or the online porn he was watching while waiting was at a critical stage maybe.

But second try no problem I got into a group for Halls of Stone but they had done one boss which always makes me a little suspicious as generally people only drop a group if it really sucks. So I quickly scope out the tanks hit points just to make sure of the level of healing I need to put out and hes rocking at 51K hit points so I thought no issues should be an ok run maybe their healer disconnected or something.
We hit the maiden of Grief and it seemed to take a long time for her to die we missed the speed kill by quite a margin which is odd these days. I decided to inspect the dps to see what was happening not that I was really bothered as the boss died its just that the tank out dpsed the whole group.

I think the gods of LFG were have a laugh with poor Zetter and for that matter the tank on this fine Saturday. To get one poor dps can be considered normal, to get two can be considered unlucky but all three!!!!
The pally was wait for it wielding Stormherald yep I am not joking the level 70 crafted mace! I guess he missed all those blue or even green upgrades white he was leveling to 80 but hey purple is best as we all know.
The hunter had a green two hander and didn't actually have one gem or enchant on any of his gear and I swear was using auto shot through the whole fight, the lock also seemed to have passed the gem wagon by though he did at least seem to know there were other spells he could use apart from Shadowbolt.

Now the run went fine, ok it was a lot longer than I thought it would be with the tank manfully or should I say dwarfully putting out a fair portion of the DPS. But I dont think I have ever seen such a collection of dps in one place at the same time. Oddly enough though a couple of them actually had I level 264 bits (ungemmed of course) not sure if this was to push their gearscore up or they had used all their gold for wine, women and song.
I thanked them all at the end of the run for the group and resisted the temptation to ask if they had ever wondered what those sockets in the armour were for ( I dunno maybe they thought they were for putting flowers in or something).

But if you are the Stormherald wielding pally and by some miracle you read my little blog can you let me know what you are thinking?? I assume as you have stormherald you played during BC to a reasonable level so you must understand something of game mechanics so why the hell are you using a level 70 mace at level 80? Was it bequeathed from your dying father after Loken killed him or something so you swore to destroy his minions with your fathers mace?

Answers on a postcard to Zetter


Tessy said...

You know Zet some of those dwarf axes and maces are in families for generations :-)

Tam said...

Flowers in the sockets. Don't be silly. They're cup holders. Like in the cinema.

zetter said...

Hold the pull guys I forgot which socket I was keeping my pepsi in!.
Could be handy when you go to the bar for a rounnd though you could carry loads of drinks back without a tray :)