Thursday, 7 January 2010

The trials of blogging at work

Well I have been blogging for a while now and its quite good fun. The reason I got into it oddly enough is due to the IT Nazi types at work.
When I was in the office as opposed to out and about I used to de stress by reading the wow forums while I was waiting for the gerbil in the central server to crawl back into his wheel and actually process some data for me so I could do my job. This was handy when I was bored and my net surfing varied a lot depending on how busy I was. I also used to be able to sort out guild raids on the site ready for the evening.


Now I work for a biiig company with lots of people sitting in remote locations waiting for stuff to happen. Now obviously it only takes so long to do the Sun crossword so there was a lot of traffic on sites such as E-Bay.

So as in all good companies rather than monitoring people's use after a warning that it is being monitored and coming down on the people who spend 8 hours a day surfing. They purchased a piece of software that basically picks certain site categories such as Games and Entertainment and allocates you an hour a day in 10 minutes blocks to look at them. Fair enough I hear you say your there to work not surf the web. However the 10 minutes once started is then gone even if you only surf for 1 minutes the clocks still running.

To top this all off they then declared my old guild website as forums so that is blocked totally all day. So what do I do I thought to myself during my lunch break. Well blog pages were not blocked they sneaked under the radar so I found myself getting my WOW fix reading all the wonderful blog pages out there Starting with our dear Tess at I then jumped into such great blogs as and which gave me many hours of good reading and some cracking tips on things like bear tanking.

So I decided that to while away time during lunch/ gerbil waiting sessions by posting my own Rants on line about WOW and raiding etc. This was great as I said a lot of blogs escape the dreaded hours quota time.

However once again the game appears to be up most of the blogs are now on quota time including mine. So I have less time to pop on to my blog or others and chip in with comments as I have the hour limit hanging over my shoulder!
Damn you IT people don't you know us poor chemists need to take our brain away from toxic materials for a while!


P.S on a lighter note Tamarind over at who is always a laugh is classified by the piece of software as PORN and is completely blocked. Is there something you are not telling us Tamarind :)?


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LarĂ­sa said...

Well, even if you can't read blogs, there's nothing that stops you from actually blogging. Grab the little moments you get to write some more posts for your own blog, post it to yourself by e-mail and publish it when you arrive home.
Just an idea. The wall against the blogosphere might make you a more productive blogger!