Saturday, 23 January 2010

An aversion to letting people die no matter how stupid they are!

Like I think everyone else in the blog sphere I have been running heroics every day for frost badges and I have been reading the various stories about peoples mishaps with the LFG system with amusement.
One think I have found in the annoying tendency of people mainly DPS (hey its a numbers game there are more of them in an instance) to STAND IN DANGEROUS CRAP as hey the healer
geared and you wouldn't want to lose your place on the meters by having to move.

Now being a druid raid healing is sort of a natural focus as most of our spells are geared that way. Of course in 10 mans I tend to be a jack of all trades but if there is raid healing to be done im your man (or tree). I have found this has come over into when I run heroics as I tend to have an almost compulsion not to let the groups bars drop even when people stand in the aforementioned DANGEROUS CRAP.
I find myself going to extraordinary lengths to save even the most suicidal lemming from certain death its almost automatic. Pally DPS pulls the boss for a few on a regular basis you can bet I have a swiftmend ready to save him. In fact because tanks are so well geared now its even easier as you can let the tank merrily fight on with a hot on him while you sort out mr aggro puller.

Is this an issue any other healers have with LFG is there some sort of group I can join like healer anonymous? "Hi i'm Zetter and I cant stop healing idiots".


P.S Maybe I am starting to break the cycle I had a newly geared tank in Halls of Stone today who to be fair was doing a good job apart from the bloody fury warrior who seemed determined to pull threat off him at every opportunity. Eventually I found myself playing a game and seeing how low I could let the warrior get before I bothered to heal him. Three deaths later he dropped the group and we got in someone more sensible.

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