Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Fireproof Tree!

So last night finally after numerous false starts including a 3% wipe on phase 4 the brave troopers of Kingdom of Rust finally got Firefighter in Ulduar down. Also this was the final keeper hard mode we had to do so now we can access Algalon to finally go Ulduar 14/14.
After kicking Mimerons bum we finished of by doing the hard mode on General Vezax for all the people who missed out on him last time. This also went well and we downed him in 3 tries this time despite several of the dps not having tried hard mode before and one never having seen him.
Now only Yogg stands in our way with one keeper aiding us to get our drakes!

What can I say what a fight nothing I have done in WOW before was close to this. When it comes down to it Blizz have designed a very nice fight that you just cannot bull through no matter what gear you have. If people don’t spread out at the right point, control the fires, group together when needed and basically keep situationally aware its over.
One top tip I found for the resto druids out there is consider re glyphing with Glyph of Rejuvination this helps a lot during phase 2 when the whole raid is basically taking a spanking and people do drop below 50% health on a regular basis the extra bit of healing helped a lot.
Our setup for this was me (a resto druid), A holy priest and a shaman and on our successful try/ good tries we found it was best for me to concentrate fully on raid healing. In phase 2 where there is constant raid damage I basically concentrated on rolling Rejuvination on the whole raid while the priest and the shaman took care of the spike damage when someone was targeted by rapid burst. This would vary depending on you healer setup of course but this tactic got us through phase 2 with everyone on a consistent basis.


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Tessy said...

Wohoo! Big gratz to you all! :D