Saturday, 17 October 2009

Zetter is Fur Tankz

So after a long time raiding on my druid I have collected a fair amount of Feral gear (much to our beloved Tess from annoyance), my offspec was boomer for a long time so I could help dps in raids and instances.Over the past couple of months it seemed a shame to let all that feral gear go to waste (some of it better than my boomer gear) and I fancied getting back in to tanking again as an offspec. This also has the bonus of allowing me to help out in heroics as either in demand spec.

I went straight over to the fantastic starting guide at Big Bear Butt ( which set me up with the basics and gave me some great macros to help out. Hence was born Zetter the offspec tank RAAAAAAAA.

So hows it been going? Well my first major task after testing out my key binds and macros in the combat dummies was TOC heroic, a big ask this one but it was a guild run so they tend to me more forgiving than jumping into PUGs.It went great despite on of our hunters wanting to see how good my threat generation and multi mob tanking was by Multishotting everything in site on the confessor (you know it was you Darka!). After this I have done quite a few heroics with little issue.Next stop raid tanking! (disclaimer only when our main tanks are not able to or its a fun run I am still a hard core healer tree)

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Tessy said...

Good to see you get some use of that lovely feral gear :-D

Can't wait to try you out in a run someday soon, I think I will go for the Darkalani approach and see if I can make you sweat a little!