Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sometimes you eat the Bear Sometimes the Bear eats you

Sometimes I think WOW playing proves karma really is a living breathing part of life. Take this week for example it appears to have applied totally to me while playing.

On Sunday (not normally a regular play day for me as I spend time with the family and take the kids out) one of my friends in the guild was putting out the call for people to do VOA 25 man. Now I thought meh what the hell could be good could be bad lets give it a go and see how the land lies as I have an hour spare. Well nice group and we one shotted all the bosses and the T9.5 hands dropped for druid healer i.e. me.
I was the only druid healer in the group so the 6 I rolled didn’t matter and also one our kind guild healers even traded me a pvp cloak he won during the run as it wasn’t as good as one he had previously when he looked more deeply into the stats. It was a great hour spend in WOW from a loot gained point of view.

Fast forward to raiding so far this week and Mr Karma has dropped on me with vengeance. Monday we decided to go for Onxyia 25 man with mostly guild and a partial PUG and wiped a lot finally ending without downing her due to people having to leave. Overall it was a really bad luck run with disconnects due to AOE all over the place overloading peoples computers to nasty fears on the tank taking him into the healers for a cleave.
Then yesterday I thought I would pop on for a short while and do the heroic daily. We got a guild run going but then our tank had to go as he was on call and the French had blown up their server he was looking after. After this we got a tank in who basically inspected a couple of the DPS and turned up his nose and left (as hey this is old kingdom serious stuff so much so that I tend to heal/dps as boomkin on the last boss to speed things up).
At this point I had to make dinner so had to leave and eventually wandered back on later in the evening. Got a group was half way through the instance and the world server crashed and reset it, at this point a lot of the group I was with wanted to go to bed so with a half saved instance ID that was the end of my daily for the evening.

Overall this week I think I am now paying back for my lucky glove drop in spades.



Tessy said...

No it's not you paying back for your lucky glove drop, it's you paying back for your hoarding all the feral drops available in the game! Muahaha! :-)

On another note, the servers have been rather randomly unstable since 3.2.2. I very rarely experience lag or dc's normally but has had some of this lately, both on the Peak and Stormrage.

I hope it will be fixed soon, it sucks to dc in mid-fight :-(

zetter said...

On that note I managed to bag a level 232 feral chest and 232 bracers today out of TOC :)


Tessy said...

*mutters mutters mutters*